Supporting the Polish Nuclear Programme, one of the most ambitious in Europe

EDF’s Preliminary Offer

  • 4 to 6

    EPR units

  • 6.6 to 9.9

    base-load CO2–free electricity

  • 25% to 37%

    of the forecast Polish electricity consumption in 2035

  • 36 to 55
    million tons

    CO2 emissions avoided per year

Through a Preliminary Offer submitted on the 13th of October 2021, EDF proposes to Poland a fully integrated approach which encompasses Engineering activities, equipment Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Operation Assistance for 4 EPR with 2 additional units in option, together with Training Services and Technical Assistance.
This offer completely meets PPEJ’s strategic objectives of ensuring energy independence, achieving Net-Zero ambitions and driving the Polish economy.

Creating value for Poland

EDF’s EPR project for Poland will positively generate economic benefits for the Polish economy throughout the construction period and subsequent 60 years of operation and maintenance of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme. All over Poland, thousands of jobs will be created during the construction phase of the 4 to 6 EPRs. The Programme will also create numerous induced jobs for the local economy in the vicinity of the plant.

A tailor-made Human Capacity Building offer

EDF provides the right support to its clients in order for them to acquire adequate skills and become self-sufficient in the nuclear field:

  1. EDF provides a comprehensive assistance to its clients until they become fully independent in Human Resource Development (support in drawing the relevant strategy, in simulating scenarii to identify potential impacts, and to make ramp up recruitment at the right time).
  2. EDF delivers tailor-made and just-in-time training with over 650 skilled & recognised professional instructors and 35 training centers.
  3. EDF can contribute to the set-up of the Owner Operator’s on-site nuclear training centre with Full Scope Simulator at each site.
  4. Through its Suppliers Academy, EDF proposes a specific training to get acquainted with its technical and quality requirements in order to become a qualified supplier for EDF nuclear power plants (overview of the EPR technology, nuclear safety culture, introduction to codes and standards, description of technical specifications and quality requirements…).
  5. Eventually, EDF can share its long-term experience in supporting its clients in Human Capacity Building.